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Benefit of Green Fuels

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  • 01-12-2020
Benefit of Green Fuels

How can haulage companies benefit from green fuels?

Find out how haulage companies can benefit from green fuels. We can install hydrogen fuel stations in your business offering free fuel to your vehicle fleet.

What is Green Haulage?

Haulage companies transport goods and products all over the country. The amount of carbon monoxide gasses that vehicle produces would cause vast amounts of damage to the environment, ozone layer and health if haulage companies switched to greener fuels the damage would reduce massively. One way of changing to greener fuel is to use hydrogen-fuelled vehicles. If you own a fleet of haulage trucks, there are many benefits from switching to greener fuel. 

Hydrogen vehicles are already available to buy, and hydrogen production equipment is readily available to have installed at your depot.

If you already have wind turbines installed as part of your greener infrastructure.

We can use the redundant power supply to produce hydrogen, or if required, we can install wind turbines to run hydrogen production and your companies general power needs.

We can then install hydrogen refuelling stations at your depot. Depending on the number of vehicles you have and the amount of travel they do, we can install units to produce and store from 185kg to 800kg of hydrogen.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Transport

There are so many benefits of eco-friendly greener transport, including but not limited to:

Lower Fuel CostsOne kilogram of hydrogen will give you the same energy density as one gallon of diesel or petrol.
Low Emission ZonesHigher emission vehicles, especially diesel lorries, trucks and HGV's, are charged large fees to enter LEZs (low emission zones), or in some areas, they are banned from entering. If your company switched to greener transport options, it means cheaper transportation costs and access for your vehicles to bigger transport networks.
Reduce Carbon Footprint on HaulageWe all understand how climate change has become a significant problem globally. We need to reduce our carbon footprints to save the planet. By switching to greener, fuel is a great start. Greener fuels also protect your health because they don't produce carbon monoxide, so they are environmentally friendly.
Investing in a Hydrogen-powered Vehicle FleetIf you are the owner of fleet vehicles if you switched your entire fleet to sustainable renewable energy like hydrogen fuel cell power. If more businesses switched to hydrogen fuel, they would not only save money for the company; they are also investing in a greener future by producing fewer carbon emissions.

Are you thinking about how haulage companies can benefit from green fuels? Find out about how Hydrogen Stations for Haulage Companies can provide the potential of free fuel for your business.