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Costing a UK Hydrogen Network

Find out more about costing a UK Hydrogen Network. Are you interested in hydrogen as a fuel for your vehicle fleet? Find out more about setting up a hydrogen fuel network

Hydrogen production:

From redundant renewable power

48 sites across every county.

2400 kgs per day per site.

Producing 48 x 2400 x 360.

Hydrogen tankers:

To deliver the hydrogen we need distribution vehicles (hydrogen tankers).

Storage and fill points

We would recommend 5 fill stations per county.

240 in total

240 storage units

240 hydrogen fill pumps (dual pressure)

Estimated total cost for this initial hydrogen production and fill network.

£617, million.

Now the cost of this initial hydrogen production installation with fill points is set against retail sales. Consider that there will be no customers in the early years. But the production sales are at the start point potentially are:

41 million kgs of hydrogen produced. 

Sold at £10.5 per kg.

Total potential annual sales at full production sale: 41 million x £10.5

For the future, we see no more than 5 years before demand starts to show and expansion will have to be considered.

The problem we have in providing the initial service is the amount of investment needed against time.

The vehicle manufacturers will not place hydrogen vehicles in showrooms around the UK until this hydrogen network is fully operational.

The considered fact is that this investment would stay at this cost until demand on sales overtakes hydrogen.

The other factor on this is that fuel site owners who want to participate will have on their forecourt diesel petrol LPG and hydrogen.

Along with the hydrogen fill points every fill station will have 10 electrical vehicle charging points running from the hydrogen storage through hydrogen fuel cells.

The whole plan is for totally green renewable hydrogen production.

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