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A New Eco Fuel for Haulage Vehicles

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  • 01-12-2020
A New Eco Fuel for Haulage Vehicles

Hydrogen - A New Eco Fuel for Haulage Vehicles

Do you want to find out more about hydrogen as a new eco fuel for haulage vehicles? Hydrogen fuel stations can be installed to power HGV Fleets in the UK.

What are Hydrogen Fuelled Trucks?

Fuel cell technology trucks use hydrogen gas in order to power an electric motor.

Unlike conventional vehicles which run on petrol or diesel, hydrogen-powered fuel-cell cars and trucks combine hydrogen fuel cells and oxygen to produce electricity, which runs a motor. 

The United Kingdom could soon see the first HGV (heavy goods vehicle) take to the roads powered entirely by hydrogen combustion rather than dual fuel systems or fuel cells.

The new 100% hydrogen combustion truck with MLE (Mega Low Emissions), is designed to provide and show how hydrogen fuel is used to decarbonise HGV's (heavy goods vehicles) cost-effectively and efficiently. 

Unlike other hydrogen-fuelled vehicles, the mega low emissions truck uses hydrogen to power the vehicle.

It is done by using a combustion engine rather than using fuel cells and an electric motor making them eco-friendly and producing zero-emissions.

Hydrogen Vehicle Fuelling Costs

At this time in the United Kingdom, hydrogen fuel is measured in kilogrammes rather than litres like petrol and diesel. It costs between £10 and £15 per kg. 

For example, if you were to fill a Hyundai Nexo's 6.33kg tank, which offers a range of around 414 miles, it will cost somewhere between £63 and £95.

Why Hydrogen? 

Hydrogen is made with renewable energy is entirely carbon-free. When it is turned into electricity, the only emission is water. Therefore it does not emit harmful gasses. It is also effortless to transport and store. Due to the sustainability of hydrogen fuel, it allows us to use renewable energy sources to their full potential.

Hydrogen Hybrid Vehicles

Powered by an electric motor, Hydrogen fuel cell cars are therefore classified as e-cars. They are known as Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle or FCEV for short, battery electric vehicles are known as BEV's. There is one vital difference between hydrogen fuel cell cars and other electric cars, hydrogen fuel cell cars produce the electricity themselves.

Can Hydrogen be used in Heavy Duty Transport?

Large, heavy goods vehicles account for 65-70% of all CO2 emissions. Due to the high energy density of hydrogen fuel, it will make it extremely suitable for HGV's. It is also cost-effective, one kilogram of hydrogen fuel will have the same energy density as that of a gallon of diesel.

Are you thinking about Hydrogen as a new Eco fuel for haulage vehicles ? Find out about how Hydrogen Stations for Haulage Companies can provide the potential of free fuel for your business.