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Free Fuel Is Now A Reality With Hydrogen

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  • 01-12-2020
Free Fuel Is Now A Reality With Hydrogen

Free Fuel Is Now A Reality With Hydrogen. Hydrogen fuel stations can be installed to power HGV fleets in the UK. Offering the opportunity of free fuel for your haulage company.

What Vehicles can Benefit From Hydrogen

Cars, HGV (heavy goods vehicles), buses, trucks, trains and potentially ships can all benefit from green hydrogen fuel.

Hydrogen production fuel cells are far cleaner and much more efficient than power plants and traditional combustion-based engines.

The benefits of fuel cells are vastly reduced greenhouse gas emissions. We have a massive problem with the number of carbon emissions that our vehicles produce. These emissions damage the environment and our health. 

Climate change is one of the most significant challenges we face in the world. The greener our fuels, the better it is now and for our future generations. Climate change is one of the greatest challenges we face in the world. 

What is Green Hydrogen Fuel?

Green hydrogen fuel is a natural gas and refers to hydrogen produced via the electrolysis of water. The way green hydrogen fuel cells are made is by using clean electricity from renewable energy technologies to electrolyse (H2O) water.

The process then separates the hydrogen atom within the water from its molecular twin oxygen. The electricity that is used to process green hydrogen fuel comes from renewable sources like solar and wind.

Green hydrogen fuel cells are used to power trains, HGV's cars and buses. The production of green hydrogen fuel cells is most definitely the way forward for a cleaner, greener environment and the future.

How can Haulage Companies Benefit From Hydrogen Fuel?

The atmosphere is being polluted with the amount of carbon and exhaust fumes each HGV produces. If we used hydrogen-powered heavy goods vehicles, it not only drastically reduces the transport costs of goods, it massively helps protect the environment by using clean fuel and producing zero emissions. 

Green hydrogen that is made using renewable energy is increasingly being seen as a critical asset for grid and transport decarbonisation. In October 2020 Aberdeen in Scotland launched the worlds first hydrogen-powered double-decker bus.

The city of Aberdeen is a trailblazer in hydrogen fuel cells technology. The double-decker buses are as efficient as their electric equivalents. Refuelling these buses takes less than 10 minutes and offers a more excellent range. 

In 2021 London is looking to have 20 hydrogen double-deckers. Hydrogen fuel cells produce only water is carbon-free, so are an essential tool in reducing city pollution from HGV's, buses and cars.

Are you thinking about the potential of Eco fuels for your HGV fleet? Find out about how Hydrogen Stations for Haulage Companies can provide the potential of free fuel for your business.