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How Many Hydrogen Fuel Stations Are There In The UK

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  • 10-03-2022
How Many Hydrogen Fuel Stations Are There In The UK

Find out how many hydrogen fuel stations there are in the UK. We look at which country produces the most hydrogen and where to find them.

With only two hydrogen fuel cell cars available on the UK market, hydrogen filling stations are a rare sight to see.  

While hydrogen production and hydrogen power remain a mystery to many people, we aim to help you understand more about them. Today we're answering the question of how many hydrogen fuel stations are there in the UK?

What Are Refuelling Stations?

Hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS) are fuel sites designed to provide hydrogen cars with pressurised hydrogen. 

Depending on your vehicle model, these stations dispense hydrogen of pressures 350 or 700 bars. Much like a diesel car, you must be filling hydrogen-powered cars with the right amounts and type. Hydrogen vehicles are typically refuelled in around three minutes, and a larger vehicle (buses) take approximately seven. 

UK Fuel Stations

The UK Government has noted 11 hydrogen fuel stations across the UK. Five of these along the M25 and others in Wiltshire and the Southeast are fairly spread out. Two hydrogen filling stations can be seen in Scotland, but none in Northern Ireland. 

With only just under a dozen filling stations in the UK, with South Yorkshire and the West Midlands receiving the easiest access, areas such as England's South East will find difficulty locating their closest station. 


How Many Hydrogen Refuelling Stations Are In Europe?

Europe has just over 200 stations that can produce hydrogen across multiple locations. One hundred of these sites are in Germany, and France follows with just under 40. 

Which Country Produces The Most Hydrogen?

Comparing the UK's hydrogen production to other countries, you soon realise how far behind we are.

The latest reviews tell us that we can switch to hydrogen from natural gas, but this would make a huge jump as we only produce 0.74 million tonnes. We would require 8 million tonnes to make this switch. 

On the other hand, China produces 22 million tonnes per year of hydrogen. This is over one-third of the world's total hydrogen production. 

UK Governments Plan

While many drivers enjoy the benefits of hydrogen fuel cell cars instead of petrol or diesel cars, they are having difficulty accessing refuelling stations. The Government plan was to introduce a further 50 refuelling stations in the UK, giving drivers more coverage across longer routes. This, however, hasn't happened as it costs a great deal to buy hydrogen refuelling pumps and install them.

ITM Power, dedicated to providing clean fuel and energy, received £3.59million in grants. This was given to create and run two filling stations in London. Other sites are being proposed after the success of one at Heathrow Airport and another in Hendon, North London.

The List Of Hydrogen Refuelling Stations In The UK

The entire list of hydrogen refuelling stations in the UK is growing slowly, especially as more people buy electricity-powered vehicles and hydrogen cars. 

Aberdeen Hydrogen Centre

Lang Dykes Road

Teeside International Airport, Darlington

Tees Valley

Translink LTD, Newtonabbey

71 Glenville Road

Orkney, Kirkwall

Grainshore Drive

AMP, Rotherham

Advanced Manufacturing Park, Morse Way

H2TEC LTD, Wallyford

Industrial Estate 7

BOC, Swindon

North Building, Highworth Road

ITM Power, Swindon

Lydiard Fields

Shell, Beaconsfield

M40 Junction 2, A355

Hatton Cross, London

Envoy Avenue

NPL, Teddington

Dora Jordan Road

Shell, Cobham

Junction 9/10 M25

Shell, Gatwick

Longbridge Way, Horley

CEME, Rainham

CEME Campus, Marsh Way

Aberdeen City Council

Powis Terrace

Filling Up A Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Car

Hydrogen fuel cell cars can be topped up quicker than electric vehicles, comparable to petrol or diesel cars. It takes around five minutes to fill these cars to full fuel capacity.

Buyers do not have many options with only two hydrogen fuel cell cars on the UK market: the Toyota Mirai and the Hyundai Nexo SUV.

There are more models in development, which will be arriving in 2022 and 2023.

The technology is efficient and practical; however, with the emissions from the tailpipe only being water, making this is a completely environmentally friendly way of travel. 

Looking past the major downside of only 11 current fuel pumps in the UK, you will find filling the car up much cheaper.

You plug the nozzle into the fuel chamber in the same way you do with petrol cars, and a kilogramme of hydrogen costs £10-£15 currently.

The Mirai holds five kilogrammes, costing you the same (if not cheaper) as a diesel an alternative


With hydrogen cars being the future of the UK, there seems to be a long way to go. However, more innovations are around the corner, and it looks like more drivers are making the switch.

This significantly benefits the environment and cuts back on fossil fuels, with the data suggesting hydrogen cars are helping lessen your carbon footprint. 

If you are looking for  hydrogen fuel stations in the UK contact our specialist team today for information and advice.