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Producing Hydrogen For Councils

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  • 18-05-2022
Producing Hydrogen For Councils

Hydrogen fuel is an excellent alternative to traditional fossil fuels. Learn how your council can implement profitable, eco-friendly fuel in this article.

Hydrogen For Councils

Here at Soguard Hydrogen Producers Ltd, we produce hydrogen for councils. Buses and other utility stock vehicles can now be converted to hydrogen. So if you are considering the move over from fossil fuel to hydrogen, then we are the people to contact. We have written this blog article to encourage your county council and bus operators to come on board.

Steps You Can Take

A reasonable renewable energy source above 2mw can allow for an electrolysis machine to be installed. Any vehicle or number of vehicles you require and want to have selected for conversion, simply send us a photo of the commercial vehicle, along with a full specification.

We can then respond with the cost of conversion for the fuel cell. If you would feel more comfortable with a combustion hydrogen engine, then the same steps can be followed.

We will need a full specification, along with a photo of the vehicle. We also require the mileage expected per day.

As soon as possible, we can have the engine removed and a hydrogen drive train installed. If it is required, we can have a hydrogen engine replacement sourced.

Hydrogen For Councils

Hydrogen production within your county for hydrogen vehicles can be installed on any secure land near the power source. Hydrogen is an extremely powerful, reliable, and clean revenue source. For example, once your capital cost of hydrogen production is met. Your fuel, which is converted from water, is free. It is only a simple process to produce from 2mw of power and 7200lts of water around 800 kg of hydrogen every 24 hours.

This hydrogen doesn't need to be used immediately either, it can be stored for later use. Just for comparison, 1 kilogram of hydrogen is the equivalent to 1 old gallon of diesel or petrol. So you are essentially producing around 800 old gallons a day. Except you are producing clean green fuel instead! No polluting gases and zero carbon.

Now, the cost of your hydrogen production can depend on your accessibility to a green renewable energy source or sources. Wind turbines, solar energy, geothermal power, hydroelectric power, etc. All these are available now and today. The future of energy is here. It is worth going down this road with us. 

Secondary Benefits Of Switching Over To Hydrogen

When your county is producing hydrogen, there will be an excess. This excess hydrogen can become hydrogen available for domestic and other hydrogen vehicle owners. Manufacturers will be aware that there is hydrogen available and they will start placing hydrogen vehicles in showrooms around the county.

Currently, hydrogen retails on the current market at around £12.50 per kg. The average domestic vehicle will hold somewhere between 5 and 6 kg of hydrogen on each fill. This will allow the vehicle to travel an average of around 320/400 miles. This revenue made will go straight back into the council.

A 2mw containerised electrolysis machine can produce a profit revenue of £3,650,000 per year. This is as long as you own the power source. We would recommend for a large county with good foresight to install four 2mw electrolysis machines and storage. This would change the revenue picture to £14,600,000 per year.

This is something to consider and keep in mind. This is all available today, so please get in touch. Email us for cost quotations. We look forward to hearing from you. 

If you are looking for a  hydrogen production specialist UK contact our team today for information and advice.