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Hydrogen for Vehicle Fleets

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  • 01-12-2020
Hydrogen for Vehicle Fleets

Are you curious about hydrogen for vehicle fleets? Find out  how you can benefit? We can install hydrogen fuel stations in your business offering free fuel to your vehicle fleet.

Benefits of Hydrogen-powered Vehicles

The main advantage of hydrogen-powered vehicles is the impact they have on the environment. We all know how climate change needs addressing; we need to reduce the emissions our cars produce drastically. Hydrogen fuel cells have zero emissions compared to combustion engines. Hydrogen fuel cells will only emit water, so there are no poisonous carbon dioxide emissions and no air pollutants that create health problems, damage the environment, ozone layer and cause smog at the point of operation. Another benefit is cost. It is far cheaper to run a vehicle on hydrogen fuel cells than it is to use petrol and diesel.

Hydrogen-Powered Vehicle Fleet

Hydrogen fuel cell cars are driven by an electric motor coupled with energy produced within the fuel cell stored in a battery. Once fuelled with the hydrogen fuel cells, they will have a typical range of more than 300 miles. It will also take a similar amount of time to refuel a hydrogen-powered vehicle as it does to refuel a diesel or petrol car. 

Hydrogen-fuelled fleet cars are now being used for some police cars, taxis and private hire vehicles. The impact on the environment if more fleet cars used hydrogen fuel cells would be fantastic and cut down on the carbon dioxide emissions drastically.

What Infrastructure is Required?

As we become more aware of the benefits of powering our cars, trucks and buses with hydrogen fuel cells, we now need to look at have a much better refuelling infrastructure so we can refuel our vehicles with clean fuel. Hydrogen refuelling transport stations can be installed just as easily and far cleaner than a regular refuelling station. If you have fleet cars or an HGV company where many vehicles need refuelling you can have a refuelling station at your depot. 

Do Hydrogen-powered Vehicles Perform Well?

Hydrogen fuel cell cars tend to be more economical than their electric battery counterparts. As hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are still in the early stages, there aren't that many models at the budget end of the market. However, on range alone, hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles seem to have the upper hand.

Are you thinking about the potential of Hydrogen for Vehicle Fleets? Find out about how Hydrogen Stations for Haulage Companies can provide the potential of free fuel for your business.