Hydrogen Production UK

Phone Number: 07826055259

Hydrogen Production across the UK, Europe Middle east and Far East

Hydrogen Production throughout the World will be achieved by utilising Wind farm sites, hydropower sites, and Solar power sites. 

Geothermal will be the main provider of the power for hydrogen production but the power sites running from this are very few at the moment save Iceland but plans are in action to power up much of the world's needs in the near future.

Hydrogen Production Fuel Cell

All hydrogen we will produce will be classified as Green Hydrogen, with no fossil fuel used in its production. 

Our hydrogen production will be from two or three types of Electrolysis units: 

  • A sealed container which is an on-site electrolysis producing and storage of 185 Kg of fuel grade hydrogen these units will be placed sub-surface for obvious safety reasons with nearby hydrogen dispensers that have two pressures of hydrogen depending on the make and model of vehicle.
  • Hydrogen will be produced off site and transported to fuelling sites and these will be larger hydrolysis units producing 800 Kg per day. Transporting the hydrogen in bulk to our filling stations, then placed into sub-surface storage up to 500 Kg which is then piped into hydrogen dispensers on the forecourts of existing petrol stations around the UK.
  • Smaller units produce and store hydrogen with vehicle dispensers, these will again be sub-surface production and storage for smaller operations example companies with hydrogen vehicles, and council yards with hydrogen vans and transport. 

This system produces 100 Kg per day, power is provided by on-site bladeless wind turbines all integrated with fill points nearby, This is not for resale.

Privately owned hydrogen production is available for certain companies with their own fleet of hydrogen vehicles, for example, Bus and coach station operators, Police, Fire brigade, NHS

Prices are subject to a survey of vehicle requirements. Siting and safety a requirement