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Hydrogen Services
England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland North and South

We offer a range of Hydrogen Services for England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. Find out how businesses and councils can benefit from hydrogen fuel stations. We can offer the following services for County Councils & Town Councils of the UK.

Private Hydrogen Production

We can provide self-contained hydrogen production units with storage and Fill pumps in one unit.

Sizes available:

  • 130 Kg/per 24hr cycle
  • 185 Kgs/per 24hr cycle

Benefits include:

  • A customized hydrogen producer designed for individual clients.
  • An easy start into hydrogen for new fuel cell vehicles.
  • It can be installed singly or in multiple units.
  • Power supply recommended 400 KVA 3 phase 415v.

National Hydrogen Network

We can provide a network of hydrogen production. The recommended volume for the initial hydrogen national UK network is  4,472,000 Kgs per year.

We recommend that hydrogen is produced locally, so every one of the 48 counties of the UK produces 2400 Kgs per 24 hr cycle.

This will mean a starting volume of  864,000 Kgs is required per year. This energy is produced by:

  • Wind turbine, Solar or Hydroelectric
  • All green power sources

Site requirements:

  • The power supply required is 6MW per site.
  • Water supply per site 21,600 Lts per day.

Before vehicle manufacturers place hydrogen vehicles in showrooms a hydrogen production network has to be in place first.

This low volume of hydrogen per year can and will be expanded exponentially.

Off Grid Electrical Vehicle Charging

We can offer charging from hydrogen storage. We recommend 10 charger points per site with hydrogen production.

This can be supplied for Private use or Nationally throughout Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and South Ireland. We can also provide these services on a county-to-county basis.

Should a stopgap be required for diesel vehicles, A Hydrogen Injection Unit can be provided to any size of Bus, Lorry, or Van.

This allows the vehicle fitted to have its emissions reduced by 80%.

Collective Hydrogen Groups

Free fuelling for small medium and heavy haulage is now a reality.

Hydrogen will enable us to build and construct your own fuel station. These hydrogen production systems can be owned by one haulage company or a group.

Once you have covered the installation cost your hydrogen fuel is free. It's yours to fill your new hydrogen vans, trucks, and heavy haulage. We need your thoughts on this.

It means you could start replacing your older diesel vehicles and purchase the new hydrogen vehicles.

We are ready to cost your company's forward plan.

Other advantages are the hydrogen vehicles you purchase at first are not using your hydrogen production so you can allow domestic cars coming into the showroom to purchase hydrogen at retail price.

Building a UK hydrogen network can be part of the new way to remove the crippling cost of fuel for all time in the future.

Contact us to discuss hydrogen production services in the UK. Call 07826055259 or complete our contact form below with any questions that you have.

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