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Hydrogen Fuel Station Installation
UK Haulage

Are you looking for hydrogen fuel station installation for your business? We offer hydrogen fuel station installation for haulage businesses throughout the UK.

It is now possible to remove coal from power stations across the world.

They can be made on a special conversion up to 600mw run on alternative energy.


The power station stays the same on the steam generation side of the station. 

The coal oil or gas is replaced. Energy replacement is a high cost, but there is no full cost after installation. 

Now to find out how this can be done you will have to email me directly. We would need a world location. 

Hydrogen Stations for Haulage Companies

Have you considered the potential of Hydrogen Stations for Haulage Companies? We offer the installation of hydrogen production stations to provide green Eco fuel to your fleet of HGVs or trucks. This offers the Potential for Free Fuel.


The potential for free fuel cell technology and infrastructure in the transportation sector is now a reality, and hydrogen vehicles are now available for companies to purchase.

If you own a haulage company what better than to run your trucks and HGVs on hydrogen transport fuel power?

The high energy density of hydrogen fuel cells makes them ideal trucks and trains which haul heavy and bulky goods over substantial distances. Hydrogen transport fuel cells also have the potential to fuel ships.

How is Hydrogen Produced?

Hydrogen fuel cells convert compressed hydrogen from their fuel tanks and turn it into electricity. This process will then power the electric motor in the HGV (heavy goods vehicle). Hydrogen will provide a range similar to HGVs powered by internal combustion engines using diesel or petrol. 

Can Hydrogen Be Used In Heavy Duty Transport?

Yes, it can. Hydrogen vehicles are available to purchase, and hydrogen production equipment is readily available. One kilogram of hydrogen will give you the same energy density as one gallon of diesel.

Soguard Hydrogen Production truly believes that hydrogen is the fuel of the future for the HGV transport industry. 

Let's be honest; we want a cleaner environment now and for future generations. There are vast amounts of HGVs using our roads at the moment.

Hydrogen is yet to fully take off in the automotive industry, although many manufacturers are realising the high potential that hydrogen fuel offers.

Large lorries and trucks account for 65-70% of the CO2 emissions of all heavy-duty vehicles. This high level of CO2 comes from the immense power needed to transport large loads and the long distances the vehicles must cover.

As the world moves to become greener, we must take action to cut down on emissions. Hydrogen refuelling stations and hydrogen fuel cells are part of a great solution to achieve a reduction in emissions in the automotive industry.

Hydrogen Filling Stations

We can install hydrogen refuelling stations on the fuelling site of your company. We can install units to produce and store from 185kg to 800kg of hydrogen at your depots.

To fit the correct size of hydrogen unit at your company's depot, we calculate your mileage totals for the number of hydrogen-powered vehicles you plan to purchase and where the route depots would be. 

If you have wind turbines already installed, we can use the redundant power supply to produce hydrogen. If not we can install a wind turbine to run hydrogen production and general power needs for that particular depot.

Once the capital cost is met the hydrogen you produce is yours and save maintenance its free fuel from then onwards. 

If you would like to discuss the opportunity to have hydrogen production equipment at your haulage site, please contact us today. We specialise in the installation of Hydrogen stations for haulage companies.

Our team will be happy to discuss your needs and requirements. We will give you all the information and advice about hydrogen production and the benefits of having it installed. 

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