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Is Hydrogen A Clean Fuel

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  • 17-11-2022
Is Hydrogen A Clean Fuel

Is Hydrogen A Clean Fuel

Have you been considering: is hydrogen a clean fuel? This article looks at what green hydrogen is and how hydrogen is produced?

Hydrogen is a clean fuel that, when consumed using a fuel cell, will produce only water. There are a variety of different domestic resources that can be used to produce hydrogen, including nuclear power, natural gas, biomass, and renewable power sources such as wind and solar power.

These qualities are why hydrogen is such an enticing fuel option for transportation and electricity generation applications. Hydrogen can be used in homes, in vehicles, used for portable power, and so many more useful applications. 

In addition to this, hydrogen is an energy carrier, meaning that it can be used for the storing, movement, and delivery of energy that was produced from a different separate source.

These days, hydrogen fuel is produced through several different other methods. The most common of these methods is natural gas reforming, which is a thermal process, or through electrolysis. Some other methods that can be used include biological and solar-focused processes.

What is green hydrogen?

Green hydrogen is hydrogen that is made through the process known as electrolysis which itself is powered through a renewable energy source.

Even when you are discussing the case for green hydrogen, there are other conditions that need to be met before it is a good idea to be used or implemented.

Green hydrogen is a great solution only for uses where you cannot otherwise rely on the use of clean electricity, which, all in all, is much more efficient.

Green hydrogen should never be used in order to justify the building of facilities which would counteract the ecological benefits and lead to an increase in pollution or an increase in fossil fuel usage. This is an important point to be remembered.

Is Hydrogen A Clean Fuel?

If green hydrogen is being utilised, then the goal needs to be to have a switch to one hundred percent green hydrogen once the technology that would allow for this has become widely available.

Some projects will claim to be sustainable and label themselves that way for advertising purposes even though their fuel sources contain only a tiny amount of green hydrogen, whereas the rest of the sources are made up of fracked gas.

How is hydrogen produced?

Currently, the fossil fuel industry is creating a lot of discussion around the topic of hydrogen. It is being presented as a solution to the climate crisis and conflating it with green hydrogen, which is produced from renewable sources. Whereas, of course, hydrogen is produced from fossil fuels.

More than ninety-nine percent of the United State's annual supply of hydrogen, which is about ten million metric tonnes, comes close to exclusively from fossil fuels using a method known as steam methane reforming. This process is highly energy-intensive, and hydrogen that is made this way has been given the name "grey hydrogen".

Green hydrogen is produced by splitting water into its two components, hydrogen and oxygen, using the process of electrolysis. This process is powered by renewable energy sources that are considerably cleaner.

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